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Algoa Bay, NO fish farm, protect our ocean

Protect Algoa Bay – What can YOU do?

Over 2000 people showed up this morning for the fish farm protest singing with extreme enthusiasm on the tune of “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyed “HEY!!!PEOPLE!!! LEAVE OUR BAY ALONE!

Let’s keep this going : NO to Fish Farms in Algoa Bay, YES to restoring the Swartkops Estuary

What can YOU do about the fish farms?

  1. Get your view and pic’s onto social media via #sharethebay & #noDAFFfishyfarm
  2. Sign the petition.  Google ‘Avaaz Algoa Bay no to fish farm’ and sign
  3. Follow the Algoa Bay Hope Spot and Zwartkops Conservancy on Facebook to see upcoming events

Contact us for more info how to STOP the fish farm!

ACT in the interest of sustainable development!

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