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Divers find Treasure off Shark Rock Pier

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Ever thought undersea treasure was a myth of the past and only for the pirates of the Caribbean?

Think twice, right here in the waters of Port Elizabeth, Pro Dive had an exciting treasure adventure recently. Eldrid Van Hayssteen, best known as Uncle Al, spotted a safe in the water off the popular Shark Rock Pier. With much excitement and curiosity, Uncle Al quickly summoned the nearest divers he could find to try and bring it to the surface. Pro Dive CDP’s (Career Development Program Divers); Ben Du Toit and Coban-Dean Suttie were eager to volunteer their scuba diving services. The team of two scurried to the bottom, communicating as best they could underwater to try and recover this treasure that was somewhat embedded into the ocean floor. The divers, having used most of their air to recover the heavy safe cleverly used a lift bag to float it to the surface and shifted the safe onto nearby rocks to be carried out.

With much anticipation, the safe was opened and with a slight sigh of disappointment discovered nothing more than artificial money. Although not much to have been discovered, the adventure was one never to be forgotten.

So, from now on, when standing on the pier, gazing out over the ocean, enjoying the open air, it might help to look down every now and again – who knows what you will find.

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